Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Like it Hot

We went to Moe's for dinner the other night. Apparently, Ethan ran out of juice in his cup and didn't bother to ask for more. He, my independent minded child, figured he could take care of his own thirst issue. He started drinking salsa.
The first cup, I laughed and decided he must be related to my family.

The second cup I took a picture. (to prove he really eats hot stuff like this-- then again so does Andrew.)

The third cup I finally asked why he kept drinking the salsa. "I'm thirsty." "Well Ethan, why don't you drink your juice?" "My juice is all gone so I'm drinking this."

I refilled his juice, but he finished the third cup anyway. I guess it's time to expose my boys the the midnight taco run at Grandma's, and see if their taste buds and hollow legs are in the running yet!


Bobbi said...

He is such a cutie--I love his blue eyes and spiky hair! I can't believe he downed three cups of salsa to quench his thirst. . . I would have been crying!

Jaime said...

thanks for thinking of Natalia and the (nondairy)goldfish yesterday, she told me all about what she learned, the book, the fish, shark, turtle, etc. It was good to know she enjoys your class!