Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Six Months

Last week the girls turned 6 months. A couple days ago, my Mom sent some pictures to me and there were a couple of me holding the babes the week after they were born. It is crazy how fast babies change and how much they looked alike then compared to now.

Allison is our happy during the day, screamer at night girl. She smiles and laughs all the time--except when it's time to go to bed-- then she is mean!! She loves to play with toys, is very curious, and demands a lot of attention, however she can get it! She reminds us so much of Andrew in all her mannerisms and has also garnered the same nickname "Booby Bandit" for her incessant need to nurse--all night long!

Allison's Stats:
11 lbs. even
24 inches long (maybe- crappy measuring)

Katlyn is our mellow content girl--which is and isn't good. As long as she has her binky, she is pretty content to observe what is going on around her. She is not nearly as active as she used to be as a newborn, and this is somewhat concerning, but we just try to remember that her body only has energy right now to grow her brain and that is where we'd like her to focus her energy. She loves to snuggle and always has a blanket up over her face--it's really cute. She is doing well the last couple weeks gaining weight, so we are making some progress.
Katlyn's Stats:
8lbs. 5 oz.
22 inches long

And after months of screaming, they both finally like to take a bath!

Happy Half Birthday to Allison and Katlyn--they'll be getting in trouble before you know it!

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