Friday, November 9, 2012


Today was Ethan's seventh Birthday. I would say he is no longer a little kid, but those two front baby teeth are hanging on--discolored (because they are dead) and should have fallen out six months ago, but they are still hanging on and only slightly loose. I think it is one of those tender mercies for Mom who hates to see him grow up so fast.
Ethan is in First grade and is too smart for his own good! We have discovered recently that he is a great writer and can even properly punctuate conversation in his writing--in my book that's a pretty awesome skill for a first grader.
Ethan has some real class clown potential and we've started to see a little bit of his genuinely funny side this past year. Sometimes I have to go somewhere and laugh so he doesn't know how funny (and inappropriate sometimes) he is!

For Ethan's Birthday, He picked Angry Birds. We made Angry Bird cookies for school.

Angry Bird balloons.

And Angry Bird Cake!

Opening his presents. 
Ethan even talked the Missionaries AND Grandma Dixie into coming for his Birthday! ( and talked a couple of cookies out of the lady at Zaxby's tonight-- not sure if I should be proud or worried about his potential to woo. Maybe he should be a politician when he grows up--or not)
Happy Birthday to out Sweet Ethan . You are such a fun little guy and we adore having you as part of our family!

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