Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frustrated Update

Some of you have asked for an update on Katlyn- she had an appointment today that I hoped would be more productive than it was. I am starting to get really frustrated at the whole situation so here's your STUPID update!
Katlyn has become a really good eater with a voracious appetite. I have been weaning back her NJ feeds over the last month and hoped we would get to pull the tube today. Not so. Doc wasn't comfortable with it and brought in a new nutritionist to go over what we need to do. The nutritionist just looks at her little charts and deems that Katlyn needs a minimum of 24 oz. of fortified milk+ all the baby food she's eating now+ meats+ avocado. When she can do that every day she can get rid of the NJ feeds.
The nutritionist says to me, "We need to get her to the 5th percentile." On what planet is it okay to literally stuff a child silly in order to meet a line on a stupid chart? Besides the fact that her twin sister isn't even anywhere near the 5th percentile herself. It took Ava 4 YEARS to reach the 5th percentile and Katlyn is about two pounds and several inches behind Ava age for age. NOT a realistic goal (she would have to gain 7 lbs. and grow 4 inches. to hit the 5th percentile by her first birthday--a month away)
Then we discussed the central line feeds.They have truly been the turnaround for Katlyn, and as much as I hate having the central line, I will admit I'm fearful her progress will stop if we take it out. So is the doctor---so another 6 weeks before we even discuss it again.--Lame!!
On top of that, we are suppose to start giving her reflux meds again and just "hope" that she outgrows whatever has been causing the issue. (I really do want to hope that this issue will be outgrown, but it's frustrating to continue to deal with something when you don't even know what you're dealing with!)
So all in all I spent over 2 hours in traffic to get to Atlanta this morning, paid to park my car, to have issues with my insurance not working, to be annoyed by her doctor, to be thoroughly annoyed by the nutritionist--and to put a cherry on top??---Got a speeding ticket on the way home while both babies were screaming at the top of their lungs.

Good day--really good day. Can't wait to see what the afternoon brings.

-Insert the picture here I was going to put with her tube gone that now does not exist.
--and I'm not afraid to admit that next time she gets ahold of it and starts to pull it out?.....I'm gonna let her finish the job! Oooops doc. I hate it when that happens!

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