Monday, March 25, 2013

Monkey cage full of *@$%#

Dear Blog,
Sorry I haven't written. It's been a rather trying month--and it seems that the trials just keep piling on. I was walking down the hospital sidewalk the other day and a bird was perched on the wire above me. I thought, "Surely this bird is going to crap on me because that is just my luck." I gave thanks when I passed by the bird unscathed, for surely this was one of the few things I had escaped as of late.

Fast forward a few days and I got what I had coming to me. Allison, who has been sick for what seems like forever, was crying and pulling on my leg. I picked her up just in time for her to let loose, and her diarrhea to explode out of the diaper and all over me. (Insert the picture above of my diarrhea covered clothes in the sink. I should have taken a picture of me covered in it, but my only thought initially was to get it off!!)

So if you missed me this last month, that's what I've been doing. I've been being *@#$ on in just about every way possible-- including the literal version. About the only thing we haven't had happen is the house burn down. And frankly, as long as my kids get out fine, I don't even care about the house anymore!

So we're still her. Still smiling. Still making fun of ourselves---in our monkey cage full of *@$%#!!

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