Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Couple Baby Milestones

I am getting to be a real slacker in keeping up here. My blog has become like everything else-- I have a conversation in my head (when my hands are full) and fail to have the conversation out loud with whomever I was suppose to have a conversation with. I fear it's causing unintentional enemies--everyone thinks I'm ignoring them when really I'm not--I just had the conversation with my imagination-- who believed it was so said individual at the time-- because I couldn't contact the actual person at 2am to have the proper conversation with.--ok rambling nonsense over. (now that you're confused and so am I!)

So-baby/toddler updates

First--Allison started walking! Just a few weeks ago-right after we got home from our trip out west. Now she is officially a toddler and it is super cute. Katlyn is hopefully close on her heels--she has very tiny feet and balance and strength issues, but I'm praying it will only be a few more months.
Everyone excited for Alli's first steps.

Second--Katlyn is getting her 3rd tooth!  I know-it isn't that exciting, but I was really starting to wonder if she had any front teeth that were going to come in, so I'm super excited to know that in fact she does have at least one front tooth. And if by chance she doesn't get another one....well at least we live in the south! Haha!
I know it's not a picture of her tooth, but I loved this pic of her and Daddy playing a game.

Last- The babies have officially been moved out of our room and into Ava's. I wish this meant they were sleeping through the night, but alas, we are likely eons away from such an ocurrence. Definitely one of my first questions to the Lord when I get there. "How on earth do you give someone a physical body with physical limitations and then constantly and repeatedly deprive them of one of their most basic physical needs?  And in so doing how on earth do you expect me to be 'Mary Poppins' to my kids everyday? You may as well starve a lion for months and then tell it not to eat the helpless lamb lying right in front of it!"


Tiar Hatley said...

I love seeing and reading your posts. I am beyond impressed that you keep up your blog. My family is always bugging me to keep mine up and yet its been a over a year since I have put anything up. If I have a moment of nothing I want to do, I sit in a dazed stuper practically drooling. I love to see the progress of your sweet angels. I know that there are many people besides me that are cheering for you guys. Hang in there, you'll get some of your brain back eventually.

Jazz and Rod said...

Yeah you are doing WAAAAYY better than I am (or ever will for that matter!) I too love your updates! Seriously had me cracking up over your initial rambling portion...b/c that is so you! Miss ya lots!