Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Game of Life...

Yes, I knew what you were expecting when you read the title of this post. You believed I would wax poetic about Life and how it is a game we must all play and yada,yada, yada.

Well, it's true... I am going to do that. For "Life" is a game...we must all play it. If you haven't, you have been deprived of a childhood rite of passage. Nowhere else can you skip college, get bank loans for every whim purchase you ever wanted, throw kids in your car at random (and get $5000 per player gift--Yeah right!), sue people for nothing....and then retire as a millionaire with unlimited access to bank funds.

This afternoon Colonel Mustard and I played" Life" with the kids. I was a little disturbed at how Colonel Mustard played. Why? Because every girl  knows that playing life is like a fortune teller for how your real "grown up" life will be.

Colonel Mustard spins.
Get Married.
Colonel Mustard says to Ethan, "Give me my woman!"
Ethan gets a pink person.
Colonel Mustard puts her in the backseat of his car.

I was a little peaved that he threw "me" in the backseat and called "me" woman.

So I got Married.
...and threw my "Man" in the backseat...and expected a quirk about how could I treat him that way.
Instead, I got... a double eyebrow raise and quick smile.
We played on.
I kept collecting kids...I needed a second car...and each time I left "my Man" in the backseat...and I got another double eyebrow raise.
At the end of the game I collected five kids. (Metaphor for "real Life?")

Moral of the story:
Never leave your "man" in the backseat of the car...not even in the "Game" of Life. You will end up with more kids than you bargained for.

5 minutes of your "real life" you can't get back-- You should have known better and stopped at the first paragraph.

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Wow...we really DO need to move back!!!