Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nailed It

I get a lot wrong in parenting. I mean---A LOT. But tonight... I think I got it right. Andrew lost tooth number 20 today. That's right, the very last one. And his tooth fairy hasn't been a big payer. So I thought it was appropriate to go out with a bang!

And who knows. According to my kids some of their friends get this for every tooth (which I highly doubt but-- whatever!)

One little minor hang up. He lost his tooth....and then LOST his tooth--like in the garbage--that he diligently rummaged through but couldn't find it!

His note to the tooth fairy ( a little disengenuous if you ask as me---and incredibly illegible)

The Tooth Fairy's Final Response.

Yeah... I think I deserve some brownie points for this one.

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