Friday, February 13, 2015

My Kitchen

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and and little sorry for myself this morning.

You see, I used to have this beautiful kitchen in Georgia. Nothing fancy, but large and nice and very functional.

 So obviously, for the last year we've been in and out of temporary housing and I have had to get by on teeny tiny poorly constructed kitchen spaces.

So I finally have a house again. Albeit, not a very nice one at the moment. To be honest, it's a dump compared to our old house, but I'm trying hard not to compare and be grateful for what I do have. Last night we deconstructed the very nasty kitchen in preparation for renovation. This is what I woke up to this morning when I went to make Colonel Mustard breakfast.

A little disheartening. So I decided to whine for a minute, document my current state of living and get over myself so I can go on with what needs to be done today.

I have no kitchen. We are all sharing one bathroom that is not quite finished. Half of my house is subflooring. Our garage is filled with piles of recycle, construction debris and new construction material. We have no working septic system. Our water heater is not working properly. I am sick to death of Lowe's and Home Depot. My hands (and probably the rest of my body) look like that of someone 40 years older than me.

But I am grateful. I am grateful to have somewhere to call home again-- no matter how bad it may seem. I'm grateful for Colonel Mustard's tireless work ethic and his capable hands that allow us to tackle such an insane project. I'm grateful for an acre and a half of room for my kids to freely run again. I'm grateful for a quiet neighborhood where they can safely ride their bikes. Two years ago I don't believe I could have ever laid eyes on this place and been grateful for anything. But oh, how our trials change us.

For now, I must go. I have kids to feed, wallpaper to scrape, flooring to rip up and a trailer to reserve. Our kitchen cabinets are in and the next phase must begin . So here's to the last day of my kitchen looking like this.

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