Saturday, March 28, 2015


Our little babies are THREE today! The last year with these two girls has been so fun and they have changed a ton. They are growing and catching up so well. When they turned two, their communication consisted of mostly crying and signing "potty." Now at three, their communication consists mostly of crying.....and a lot of talk talk talking!  (did you want me to lie and say they didn't cry to get their way anymore??!)

Some fun facts about Allison and Katlyn at 3

They never get called Allison and Katlyn unless a stranger asks me their name. Allison is Ali or Ruby and Katlyn is Tot or Tater. I don't think they will outgrow the nicknames--Tot doesn't  even know her name is Katlyn.

They STILL don't sleep through the night. And they still sleep in my bed almost every night. It has been many moons since I've had a good night's sleep.

They are both big snugglers. Tot moreso than Ali, but I'm not complaining. I love the cuddles--even at night...except when the cuddles become the face.

They are still almost the exact same size. Crazy to me since they are fraternal-- It thought they would be very different by now. They stay within 3/4 of a lb and 1/4 of an inch all the time. I wonder if this will change as they get older?

They LOVE dress up. After they are done hanging on me from 8am-noon, they spend their time in and out of the dress up box changing outfits and refilling the purses they carry around with them. We often find them eating ans sleeping in various princess outfits and accessories.

They are the highlight of our home. The entertainment factor is pretty cute with two three year olds around!

Pics from their big day.

They wanted an Elmo and Cookie Monster cake. 

Sharing the present opening duty. They do fight over things, but their ability to share and cooperate with each other is unmatched. Twin blessing.

Finally! Big girl bikes.

Tiniest little bikes I've ever seen. They loved them!

Happy Birthday girls. We have loved every moment of the last three years and can't wait for more fun!

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