Monday, June 15, 2015

Twin Sleep

Tot and Ruby (aka Katlyn and Allison) still do not sleep through the night. They are three. I am VERY tired. Most of the time they either fall asleep in our bed and are put in theirs, or the just sleep in our bed.

Why is this still happening at three you ask??

Becuase I'm VERY tired.

And because these girls have very different sleeping needs from my other children. I have learned that these two just must have contact with another body to sleep well. Not just in the same bed... but touching someone. They have no sense of personal space. Actually, I've learned to fall asleep with little legs all over me and often, little hands all over my face. It's a bit claustrophobic at times.

In our bed, they sleep on either side of me. In their bed, they sleep on either end of a twin mattress. So....they are never put to sleep very close to one another.  However, they always find a way to be touching each other in their sleep.The following are just a few of the "good morning" pictures we have taken of them.

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