Saturday, August 8, 2015


Today is Lucky #7 for our not so little Ava Bug!

It has been a very good year for Ava. She has been through a lot of changes, and through it all, she just kept smiling and making new friends! I was always amazed that in every new school and classroom, she was never nervous, she just went with the flow and adjusted herself to all the new happenings. Her outgoing and friendly personality is such a blessing in our home. We have lots of reservations around here, so her carefree personality is desperately needed! She is also the epitome of the perfect middle child. She knows how to squawk just enough to stand out in the crowd, but she has this amazing ability to adapt to being one of the guys or being the little Mommy of the twins!

For her Birthday this year, Ava picked a Butterfly cake. 

And she decided to get her ears pierced. She's talked a lot about it lately and we decided that if she felt ready, we didn't mind. I must admit, I had $50 on her chickening out at the last minute, but once again, she surprised me. I'll call it "the epipen effect." When they pierced it all she said was, "Owe?"...just like she was asking if that was supposed to hurt. I will attribute that to being a much nicer stab than an epipen and therefore, not worthy of her hard earned tears or screams!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Ava Bug. We are so grateful we have the most wonderful middle child a family could ask for!! (and she is at the back door screaming and crying cause her brothers are being.....big fat big brothers again...Til next year....)

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