Monday, October 19, 2015


I know I failed to ever post about our summer road trip this year (I'll try and get to that), but I thought I'd post about our camping trip to Shenandoah National Park.

Last week, we took the kids to Virginia to do some fall camping and see some mountain leaves while they were on break from school. It was our first trip to Shenandoah and we loved it. It's very similar to Great Smoky Mountain National Park which we have always loved.

It was a tad bit chilly for camping, but we survived. Colonel Mustard however, didn't fare so well. He had the unfortunate experience of being stung by bees--a couple of times. I am apparently allergic to bees. I've only been stung one time, but it was not a fun experience--and Colonel Mustard has enjoyed making fun of me because of it. Well---Karma bites back apparently. It appears he is allergic as well. As much as I wanted to make fun of him, I felt really bad he had to experience such an awful thing.

On the way home, we made a quick stop in at the temple. Always beautiful!

Oh, and we are privileged to have a 4th grader in our midst who got us into the park for free!

Looking forward to next summer when we can hopefully put that card to more use!

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