Saturday, November 14, 2015


I'm definitely a few days late posting on Ethan's Birthday....but then a again his presents (thanks to the lovely Post Office) were late to the party as well!

Ethan turned Ten years old on Monday. Another child to join the double digits club. I don't like that club. Soon after follows the "Teenage club" the "I can drive club" the "I'm a legal adult club" and the dreaded "I'm outta here club"....ok, that may be a little dramatic, but it feels like it comes that quickly.

Ethan asked for a Turkey cake for his Birthday. I guess he wanted to share his Birthday this year with the other great holiday in November. And quite fitting for his first decade birthday since he was actually due on Thanksgiving day!

Now that Ethan is 10, I'm no longer allowed to hug or kiss him before he runs on the bus--you know---that's like wayyyyy too embarrassing! BUT, he does still says he loves me and often asks for hugs on a regular basis. I really hope he keeps doing this. (I have to blackmail his older brother for any kind of affection!) Ethan is smart as a whip. I love his independence and self motivation to get things done. (except housework that is) He still loves to read like mad....and gets really mad if you make him stop reading. He is kind and considerate most of the time and would really like everyone to know that he no longer wears a size 8 in clothing. (But he really does---shhhhhh don't tell anyone I told you. We once had to spend 15 mins at Costco convincing him that the size 10 jacket was way too big. I told him he could tell everyone it was a size 10 if he wanted to!)

Opening his presents. He always the jokester at our house!

My only really bad picture of his spanking line!

Happy Birthday Ethan. We love you so much...and Mom especially loves your hugs!

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