Monday, November 24, 2008

Passing down the "snugglie"

One day, a couple weeks ago, I walked into my room, and to my horror, this is what I found. Ethan was passing the beloved "snugglie" down to his little sister Ava! I managed to snap a picture before I informed Ethan that Ava would not be needing one of those, but how kind of him to offer. The good news-- I think it may have been his way of letting go- he hasn't asked for it but one time since this picture was taken. Strangely, I find myself a little saddened that it's gone. Funny how something that drove you crazy is quickly missed when they get too big for it.

P.S.If you don't know what the "snugglie" is, you'll have to seek out someone who does. This is highly confidential material!!


Jaime said...

Hey Kristin,
after the holiday, you are totally welcome to come check out our pegboard, and i'll tell ya all about it. there is a way to stop the fighting... as for the testosterone... good luck!!

Jazz and Rod said...

I know the secret of the snugglie...mwahaha!