Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To Wii or not to Wii?-- that is the question.

Okay, some of you know I'm one of those evil opponents to the video gaming craze. I find it to be a incredible waste of time and an obsessive addiction to all males subjects from 8- 88. I mean, sure, it can be fun, but boys just don't know when to quite--ever! I swore up and down there would not be one in my house for fear I would never again have a meaningful conversation with Byron or my boys.

Well, here goes, insert foot in mouth yet again. (only the 1,367 time since Andrew was born) I'm thinking about it! Yes, it is crazy, but my husband and boys already have an addiction to stupid computer games, so can it really get any worse. At least the Wii has some level of physical activity involved. Besides, I can't think of any toys I want to buy for Christmas- I'm really sick of them already too.

So I told Byron that I would consider buying a Wii under the following conditions

1) We would set up a strict time limit on how long the boys could play and it would have to be an earned privelege, not a God given right.
2) We had to find a game Ethan could play and have fun with. ( he sometimes gets left out because he doesn't get it)
3) We would have to buy the Wii fit and for every hour Byron spent on the Wii he would be required to log 30 minutes of Wii fit time! (My little coersion to get him to exercise once in a while)
4) Okay, I'll admit it- I like it too, so we would have to get something physical that I could play with them when they just can't bring themselves to do something constructive!

So what do you think? If you were me would you bite the bullet and get a Wii?


Richards Fam said...

YES! Get a Wii. Originally Jerod wanted a playstation and I begged him to get the Wii instead. All of his friends agreed because they said their wives would actually play with them instead of begging them to stop...which as you know is difficult for the male brain to do when video gaming. We have a Wii and it is actually pretty fun. Great for all ages and parties too. Best of all, you WILL like playing as well!

Jaime said...

hhaha, i am laughing b/c I didn't realize how much we have in common. I feel the same way about video games, so after 10 yrs. of marriage, we still don't have any. But we have played the Wii (with the Kelleys) and it is great family fun! So, we've considered it as well. I also have a system that my children have to earn tickets to watch TV or do activities so they realize it's a privilege and not an entitlement. They earn the tickets from chores. I'll tell ya about it if you'd like. It's
(it helped Madelyn to become more responsible and independent).