Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Byron and I do fo fun

We practice making cute babies!

Oooohhhh. I'm sorry. That was entirely inappropriate, but I had to post this picture of Ava, and since we were on the subject of Byron's hobbies..(Ahem!)

So back to the OTHER things we like to do for fun.

We love to haul 28 truck loads of dirt and and twice as many truckloads of bark mulch by ourselves- because it was free. We love to redo a bathroom (when it's the only one we have) and pee behind the tree in our own backyard until we can use the toilet again. We love to frantically lay saltillo tile on our back porch in 95 degree heat because it isn't going to get any cooler for 3 months and by then we'll have a baby. We love to haul 200 wheelbarrows full of landscape rock when Kristin is 8 months pregnant and watch the neighbors drive by shaking their heads at us. We like to sheetrock a basement (including the ceiling) when Kristin is 9 months pregnant. (fact: hard labor is sure to prevent childbirth labor from EVER happening- I have lots of experience in this area)

Basically, we just like to do anything that needs to be done-- because we can-- and because we're too cheap to hire someone to do something we can do ourselves! (That would explain the scar on Byron's leg from me dropping the washing machine on him. - That's right we move ourselves too- sometimes an inch at a time- literally.)

The current "we've got to be out of our minds" project is finishing the basement. 1200 square feet (a small house worth), start to finish, framing to finish work, yep you guessed it-- by ourselves. It's so fun I scream with excitement every night! (or screaming because I almost fell of the ladder again.)

So I'm posting these pictures to remind me of how much I would love (HATE) to do this again (NEVER!). I promise, promise, promise it is worth hiring someone!

Don't we look like we're having so much fun?!

Now, can we get back to that cute baby hobby instead honey?!?


AMiller said...

Such a cute baby!

Oh, it is never worth doing sheet rock. Just hire someone already.

I do nothing that you mentioned while prego - I just shovel snow until the neighbors come out and do it for me because they feel bad watching a prego woman shovel 4 feet of the wonderful white stuff.

Jazz and Rod said...

If you could please be anymore of an overachieving pregnant woman, i will seriously gag. My fave is when Byron told us in conversation about how u were mowing the lawn one day and we stopped his story right there and we said, "Wait, u let ur pregnant wife mow the lawn??!?" He didn't even flinch!!! i'm surprised u even practice those "other" hobbies...I would be celibate! But that's just another reason why u rock!

Missy said...

I love the picture of Ava, Very cute little girl.
Wow you have been busy with projects.