Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colonel Mustard's Day of Birth

Today is Colonel Mustard's Birthday! (Guess you figured by the title of the post) His 32nd Birthday to be exact. We celebrated at Shogun (Japanese Hibachi). It was a tasty Birthday for all involved. And quite embarrassing for one Colonel Mustard. His awful wife told the waitress it was his Birthday.

They gave him this lovely little hat to wear.

I think he secretly liked it.

Then the waitresses sang him happy Birthday in Japanese, which was pretty cool.

Then Colonel Mustard threatened his wife with bodily harm if she posted these pictures.(There were witnesses). And later... the camera took a dive on the kitchen floor after he snuck it away from me, and attempted to erase the evidence. Don't worry. I obviously confiscated the camera in time, and after it's unfortunate fall,  it appears no worse for the wear.

I made him a Snickers Ice cream cake. That has to make up for something. Right?

And he got lots of help blowing out the candles. (And lots of spit from various sources, I'm sure.)
So I'm taking my chances, and hoping that tomorrow, when he finds out I did post these pictures, he'll be in a forgiving mood.
Happy Birthday to my...hmm hmm....old husband!
Still not a gray hair in sight! Pretty impressive if you ask me!
(Love you Babe!)


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday!! Shane's birthday is tomorrow and we ate at Hibachi tonight too! (I don't remember the exact name of the's in Hamilton Mill...) Anyway, thought it was a funny coincidence!!

The Bryant's said...

Happy Birthday~ Kristin his cake looks delicious! You are amazing.

Jaime said...

happy birthday, he is just a few months older than me.

Casey Family said...

So......this is why we haven't hung out!!!! Had to celebrate the "old's mans" birthday!!!! See, since he doesn't have a facebook.......I DONT KNOW!!!!! Thankfully, you have an account and yesterday while driving home...I plugged your birthday in my phone! Anyways, sorry we missed out on his celebration!