Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tastes like Chicken

I should know by now, that Ava is the exception to every rule. I don't understand why she insists on being this way-- I think God is enjoying a little laugh at my frustrations.

She went for a follow-up to the Allergist and her GI yesterday because we did have a clean scope last month! They decided to do a SPT (skin prick test) on some foods, so we could begin adding them back into her diet. They tested her for meats, a few grains, and a few random other things. I went yesterday hoping that we would be getting chicken added back into her diet. I was really excited since chicken is a great protein and we eat a LOT of chicken at our house.

When the nurse came back in to read the test, I told her there was one that was really bad. She looked, and measured, and indeed, the reaction was 3 times the size of the control reaction. I asked what it was-- she looked at her chart and replied- "that's chicken."

WHAT! No! She can't be allergic to chicken. I love chicken. I live off of chicken. I want to own stock in Zaxby's and Chik-fil-a! Who the heck is allergic to chicken? The nurse's reply, "Well... it definitely isn't a common thing to be allergic to."

As I sat waiting for the doctor to return, wallowing in my upset, I realized that this may explain some of the "mystery" reactions she used to have. Like the time at Zaxby's, when I fed her chicken that they assured me wasn't cooked with any butter, and there was no butter on the grill. I carefully peeled off the outer layer of chicken just in case, and fed her the chicken. Two minutes later, she had hives all over her face. I demanded to speak to the cook as this chicken was obviously contaminated with something. He informed me that they don't even use butter on anything so he didn't know what I could be talking about. "Those incompetent fast food workers!"
Funny now...and I feel like an idiot for that one. I, the incompetent mother, never thought it could actually be the chicken causing the reaction. times. Ava can eat beef, turkey, and pork now, but NO CHICKEN. I think I'll send her to live with my mom. She hates chicken anyway!


AMiller said...

Chicken!?! That is crazy. I guess it is steak everyday for her.

The Bryant's said...

That Zaxby's story is hilarious! That is what makes family legends.
You can tell its been a while since I read your blog, I hadn't seen your new family picture. It is awesome! Who took it?