Friday, September 10, 2010

Allergy Update

Ava had a long overdue appointment with her allergist today. Long over due, and FOUR hours long! And oh, Surprise! We found more allergies. Her doctor commented that she is just a exceptionally allergic child. She thinks we need a medic alert bracelet with a jump drive so that emergency personnel could be aware of her long list of issues. (Yes, she claims they do make such bracelets--and she wasn't joking)

Today they tested for environmental allergies. She is allergic to several trees, and weeds, and grasses. And she is allergic to Bermuda grass. And wouldn't you know--we have 16,000 sq. feet guessed it...Bermuda sod in our yard!

She is also allergic to several kinds of mold and all dust mites. So, please don't send her a stuffed animal. The doctor suggested we get rid of all but one. I can't bring myself to do that, so I guess I will just rotate stuffed toys in and out of the freezer. We have to wash her sheets at least once a week, no humidifiers, dust often and preferably when she's not around, and get covers for her bed. On the up side, the doctor thinks she might be a better sleeper if we take care of these things. (I have my doubts!)

She is also allergic to cats and mildly allergic to dogs--thankfully our dogs are outside only...rolling in the ragweed and Bermuda grass and chewing on an elm tree.  And...she is NOT allergic to cockroaches. So glad to know that. We'll throw away all of her stuffed animals and replace them with pet cockroaches. And while I'm at it I'll put on her medic alert bracelet that she can't eat any normal healthy food, because it will likely kill her...but feel free to feed her chemicals and cockroaches because apparently, she's fine with them!


AMiller said...

You are funny. Such a sad circumstance, but you made me laugh.
Tim is also very allergic to dust mites. Our mattress and pillow covers have totally helped, along with washing the sheets at least once a week on hot. We also replaced the sofa he sits on most with a leather one.
Question: Why no humidifiers? Is it because of the mold?
Hang in there. You are such a good mom.

Bobbi said...

Wow! I can barely keep up with regular laundry and dishes without adding in extra loads, and getting to my dusting & vacuuming. I agree with Amber that you are pretty amazing. . and you made me laugh too!

Hulse Family said...

Wow, I am so sorry. I know that doesn't help but I know a little of what you are going through and it is not easy at all. If you ever want to vent just give me a call.

I actually have some extra allergy alert bracelets from Jaxon that say "ALLERGY ALERT: DO NOT FEED". Good luck getting her to keep it on!

kerry*lynne said...

Tyler had a series of tests done earlier this year, (for asthma reasons) and he's allergic to the EXACT same things...and everything your doctor said, his did, too...EVERYTHING...down to the sheets, roaches, molds, humidifiers...ALL OF IT...!
btw, LoL @ your chemical comment...:o)