Monday, September 27, 2010

Support Group

Today I'm in need of a support group. You know, Alcoholics anonymous, Anger management, La Leche club, Weight Watchers, Drug rehab, Relief Society, Lost support group?? (I really loved that show too) But....I really don't like support groups and find them to be counter productive in many instances. Don't get me wrong- for some people, it changes their lives and I fully support something like that. This is the reason support groups were ever thought of in the first place. But now, there's a support group for everything-- most of which allow individuals to come together for a collective whine session about how and why the world has let them down.
In search of my own support this morning, I went to the Parents of Food Allergic Kids website. I guess I was seeking a little advice from parents who had been there and dealt with the same issues I had the last few weeks. What I found was pages and pages of posts from disgruntled parents who honestly believe the entire world should change and revolve around the needs of their individual child. Nice and all, but let's be realistic, not narcissistic. ( Don't even think of it--I'm copyrighting that phrase!)

So I decided to post a rant here instead. I WANT A NORMAL CHILD! I'm sick of pumping her body full of drugs. I don't like sleeping on the couch wondering if I'm going to have to take her to the ER because she can't breathe. I'm tired of cleaning up random throw up. (so is Colonel Mustard) I'm sick of carrying rice cakes everywhere I go. I'm tired of wondering what's causing her issue today.  AAAAHHHHH!!!

There, I feel so much better after my temper tantrum. Now I can go on and realize that life isn't fair, nor was it ever intended to be.

And I think I'm going to start my own support group- Parents of Children  who just want to Whine! Anyone is welcome. Prepare to be told, "It sucks to be you, shut-up and deal."


AMiller said...

I liked the rant.
"It sucks to be you, shut up and deal."
That sounds like some advice I need often (and my life doesn't actually suck at all).
I have no advice - I haven't been there - but I think you are amazing.

The Bertagnoles said...

I love your blog because you just say things how they are. You really should consider moving to Bakersfield so you can come be my friend....just a random though. lol!

Hulse Family said...

I want to join the support group! Can I be your co-organizer?