Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Morning

In case you didn't already know, I'm Mormon. And Mormons go to church a LOT. And we go to church even if the sun isn't shining, and even on weeks when it's not Christmas or Easter, and even when we should be home sick in bed. And Mormons have a lot of kids---A LOT of kids. And these kids come to church every week too--rain or shine, happy or sad, snotty or clean.  At our house, this leads to a little phenomenon we call "Tuesday Morning."

You see when a bunch of kids spend two hours in close proximity with one another, and all aren't necessarily well, and they aren't keeping their hands and snot to themselves, it ineveitably leads to this phenomenon in which one such mother finds her children always turn up sick on Tuesday morning. (well 98% of the time anyway.)  So this week is no different. Ava has a slight fever this morning, and when I showed Colonel Mustard she did, he replied, "Well it is Tuesday morning isn't it?"

 So it is--and I guess we haven't had a "Tuesday morning" in a long time. And I won't be too upset cause her fever has already subsided, so I'm pretty assured that it's no big deal. But...if you're a Mormon mother, try my experiement. Write down on your calendar the day your kid turns up sick and see if you too don't suffer from "Tuesday Morning."


Bobbi said...

I always know when I get sick kids on Tuesday that it came from church. Don't people want an excuse to stay home!? It drives me a little crazy. . but I guess they figure if they stay home with sick kids that they would be staying home every week!

AMiller said...

Mine are the kids who get everyone sick. Just kidding. I like the sick kid excuse more than I should.

Hulse Family said...

I will try your experiment. Except that I am used to my kids getting sick over the weekend or really late at night when there is no doctor available.