Thursday, January 26, 2012

Colonel Mustard's Birthday

I failed to post last week about Colonel Mustard's Birthday. It was on the 16th. Since Colonel Mustard isn't too fond of me posting about him (it's my blog--I'll do what I want!) I will keep it short and sweet.

You've had a Birthday shout Hoooray!
You turned 25 years old today!
Still not a gray hair on your head!
And you still have a hot chick that sleeps in your bed!

He was quite uncooperative for picture taking--and he didn't get anything too exciting for his birthday either. His wish list was short--- and very expensive--- and his wife is already knocked up and roughly the size of a baby whale, so that kind of put a damper on fun Birthday surprises. (what? Don't act shocked! We have five kids for heaven's sake!)  Better luck next year babe! Love you--and Happy belated Birthday!

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Jazz and Rod said...

Dirt cake!!! "I only want a motorcycle for my birthday!" Seriously...boys and their expensive wish lists!