Friday, January 27, 2012

First Pinewood Derby

I'm being held prisoner, against my will. I am not allowed to go to bed until I tell the whole world the most important news of the day. It should be front page headlines according to an eight year old boy and his Dad.
 The lineup of cool cars

 Andrew's orange race car.

Andrew participated in his first Pinewood Derby tonight. I was very nervous and hoped he wouldn't come in 18th place out of 18 cars. After all, I've heard these are very competitive "my Dad is bigger than your Dad" contests, and I sure didn't want Andrew to be a Dud on his first time out! After he handily won the first couple heats he ran, I sat back and was pleased. (And secretly wished it would be over soon because apparently, Pinewood Derbies last FOREVER!)
Heat after heat, he kept winning (and his head kept growing larger and larger), until finally, he was left undefeated and won 1st place in his first ever Pinewood Derby! Yeah Andrew! (and Dad-- since he did most of the work!)
 Top three finishers-- go Andrew!

Sadly, we have nowhere to go but downhill from here, so next year is sure to be a disappointment!

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