Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Month

Actually, five weeks tomorrow--and it's going by way too fast--just like it always does. And after a month of sever sleep deprivation (and shower deprivation) I can honestly say-- this is SOOOOO much better than being pregnant!

 I have been feeling guilty the last few weeks about my lack of faith. Sometimes I am very prideful and think I have a lot of faith and trust in the Lord. Then he offers me a trial or opportunity and I immediately write him off as not loving me, or not knowing me, or giving me something I'm not capable of handling. When I get to the other side of the "trial" I can see the Lord's wisdom and am strongly reminded of my mortal limitations to see what I really need. My doctor said at almost every appointment, "God knows who to give twins to." I guess he was right. It is a logistical issue having two babies at once, and you do get even less sleep--but the blessing are truly double as well.
 Several people have asked me if it's hard having twins, or what it's like to have two at a time-- Well, I'm not going to say it's a walk in the park, but to me, it feels very natural and wonderful-- I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Enough babbling and onto the girls.
After a month in our home, we are starting to see these little girls are very different.

Allison, Baby A, looks just like Andrew as a baby. It is really fun for me to look at her and relive my firstborn. It has been so long since Andrew was little that I had almost forgotten, but every time I look at her I get a little walk down memory lane. Allison is already getting a nickname from the kids (Allie) and one from Mommy (Fatty!) She just broke the 6lb. mark a few days before her 1 month checkup and in this house, that constitutes a Fatty--and we love fat babies! Allison is the more laid back baby, but when she gets upset, EVERYONE knows it--man can this girl wail! Allison also hates to sleep alone and is in my arms all night most nights. She also makes these funny little noises all the time and-- she's a snorter!


Katlyn, Baby B, looks just like Ethan and Ava--so much so, that I'm always calling her Ava. (poor thing-- Mommy doesn't know her name!) Katlyn is a little more high strung than Allison and is quite feisty. She is our little peanut still, just over 5.5 lbs now, but boy is she strong. She holds her head up, rolls over (sometimes multiple times in a row), and even scoots herself across the floor when she is upset. One day I had to finish something in the kitchen and had to let her fuss on the blanket in the living room. When I came back in the room 5 minutes later, she was 6 feet away from the blanket-- that tiny little thing had scooted herself all that way. Little Katlyn seems to be having a harder time adjusting to the world and is often fussy--we hope she'll outgrow it soon and feel better.

The girls were blessed, when Colonel Mustard's parents were here--this is the best picture we got!

And since this is the run, on- never ending post-- in other news--we did celebrate Easter! And we had a traditional Easter Egg hunt as well!

And it appears Ethan is allergic to ants and bees. The picture doesn't do it justice, but this was 24 hours after he got a couple ant bits-- his entire lower leg is very swollen and hot. I suspected he probably was, but now I'm sure--poor kid!
And we've been to a lot of baseball and Soccer games--cause that's what we do!
The girls snuggling with Grandma Dixie at a soccer game. ( I'll have to get some pictures of the boys actually playing--mine didn't turn out- just a running blur!)

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