Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Reunion

Last week was my family reunion, and thanks to Grandma's help, we were able to go for the first time in 10 years. My kids have only been to Grandma's house as infants for funerals, so this was their first real meeting of all their cousins.
While it seemed a little overwhelming at first, they really enjoyed their five days at Grandma's house! Sadly, I didn't get enough pictures-- I was very busy myself. so I'll have to see if any of my siblings took more.

The kids loved Grandma's pool-- even if it was brutally cold the first couple of days. There was never a lack of boys for Andrew and Ethan to cause trouble with!

We had a big family Kickball game in the back field--they also had a basketball tournament on Grandma's new basketball court.
 There are very few girls at the end of my family, but Ava quickly became hooked at the hip with the one cousin her age. Ava is only about 6 weeks older than Ainslee and they had so much fun together. My sister even felt the need to buy them matching dresses and get Ainslee a pair of shoes that matched Ava's!
Allison and Katlyn never lacked for attention and have had a hard time adjusting to being home where they are no longer constantly held. They loved every minute of it, but I think Grandmas was their favorite to snuggle with!

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