Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today, Andrew turned nine--and to be precise he didn't celebrate until the clock turned 10:31am and he was definitely nine years old. (I thought about telling him he was in the wrong time zone from where he was born, but I didn't want to prolong the anticipated moment anymore!)
"It's great to be 8" was definitely true for Andrew as he really enjoyed all the perks of being an 8 year old. I'm certain he will enjoy the perks of being nine as well (including the arm wrestling match Mom nearly lost this morning--and I was trying really hard, and am embarrassed to admit so!) Being my first, I'm always a little nostalgic at his birthday. I can never believe where the time goes. I really enjoy having someone who is so mature around, but I find myself very often reminded that in a short time I will be looking eye to eye with him-- and that's a little scary. What's even more scary is I know he is highly anticipating the not too distant future when he will be looking down on me, beaming with pride at his accomplishment--just as he did in the arm wrestling match today!
Last year for Andrew's birthday, I was just barely pregnant and sick as a dog. I did the best I could under the circumstances, but I felt like the kid got shafted. I promised him that next year would be better and Mom would do a good job.
Well, poor Andrew got the shaft again.I ended up unexpectedly spending the week at the hospital with Katlyn, and she was discharged at 9:00 last night. Just in time to make it home for the birthday, but no time to prepare anything special. (will share that story at a later time) Andrew so graciously agreed to settle for Chik-fil-a and an little ice cream cake until Mom could do a proper dinner and birthday cake when we get a little more settled into a new routine. Fortunately, Colonel Mustard and I had already gotten his gift, so Colonel Mustard just had to stay up until 2am putting it together. (bless him!)

Andrew opening his birthday presents.

We told him that the privilege of using the lawn mower was his birthday present and we wanted to get a picture of him looking really happy next to the lawn mower. I think he appreciated that we weren't really serious!

I was never so happy to buy a birthday present--this replaces his current bike that in the last two years, has lost almost all it's parts and threads are hanging out of the tires--well loved and well used!

His ghetto birthday cake--the promised real thing to come as soon as Mom has the time to make it happen--and I will make it up to him!

Happy Birthday Andrew! Last year of single digits. (sniff sniff) We love you so much and are so grateful that you chose to be the first born in our family!

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