Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quick Update

I feel bad for not posting, and even worse when all my posting is to update Katlyn's status and no one else's.
So here goes....

Colonel Mustard is tired, stressed, and overworked. School started again today--need I say more?

Mrs. Peacock--I'm keeping up with the Joneses' errrr... uhhhh... I mean Peacocks---tired is an understatement.

Andrew is praying and fasting that we won't go back to the hospital--- he's sick of our disrupted life and is content to have everyone home-- he may ban you from the house if he thinks you look funny and might get us sick!

Ethan- lost his two front teeth--the new ones are pretty scary looking--all sorts of funky crooked, but hey, Andrew's looked bad at first too, but they have straightened out quite nicely in the last 18 months.

Ava--got her first sip of milk (on accident) and we were thinking she may have outgrown her anaphalaxis reaction to it...we thought only took 30 seconds...and it was involved some swollen body parts, an epipen, some Ventolin, some Benadryl, vomit everywhere, and the craziest sneezing spell I've ever heard.

Allison-is all over the place. She is so fun to watch and generally happy--except when she screams all night, most every night. She has such a fun personality and is such a good little eater--even the green stuff! If only she'd sleep!!!

Katlyn- is doing so well--she is a totally different baby since they put in the central line. She is a little over 10lbs (Yeah!!!) and is so active. She sits, she scoots (almost a crawl), she babbles, and she laughs---all things she never did before. Allergy skin testing for the top 8 allergens came back negative so I guess she and Ava are not related, just freaks of nature. We are waiting on one more blood test (anti-enterocyte antibody test) and then possibly another scope. We are grateful that the central line has helped her so much, but are praying they will find a diagnosis soon so we can treat the cause instead of the symptoms. She has even started eating little bits of baby food which some of you know is a HUGE thing and so exciting. We see the GI again next week and hope we will have more answers or a scope scheduled to find them. We are praying they will come soon.

Katlyn's central line

Sitting up.

Ava and Allison.

There's my update in a nutshell.  I hope that I will have more time for funny stories and ramblings, but I can't promise anything--and I apologize for no pics of the boys-- They lost my camera and can't seem to find it, so I can't show you the toothless grin until they do!! (sadly, there are no toothless photos on my phone)

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