Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Bottle!!

It probably seems silly to most, but today is a very exciting day. After 5 months without drinking milk and after 6 weeks of working and encouraging, Katlyn drank her first bottle! She liked it so much, she drank twice as much the second time!! We couldn't be happier for her. She has kind of been given an ultimatum to take her feeds by mouth and keep them down or we will soon have to give in to placement of a G-tube. (meaning surgery again to take the tube out of her nose and permanently put it in her belly-- we'd really like to avoid this if possible.)
 What was most exciting is that when she finally decided to suck after countless attempts, she took to it like she had never forgotten and loved it!! Now we have her eating baby food and drinking a bottle. Major progress!!! And someday we'll have to thank Allison for helping her along the way-- she is always looking over at Allison at meal time and tries to do what she does--it's really cute!

Please forgive my baby voice babbling---I was really excited and had to keep from jumping up and down so as not to scare her away from eating!

The girls enjoying their Mum- mums!


Bobbi said...

That is so exciting!!!! I bet you wanted to jump for joy and cry all at the same time :) I hope she keeps it up. They really are such dolls Kristin!

Miah and Missy said...

That is so awesome. I'm so happy for you family. What a blessing