Saturday, August 9, 2014


Our little Ava is six today and will be starting 1st grade next week! Wow!! She sure has grown a LOT this year and is no longer the shrimp she used to be. A lot of doctors and parents told me that after 5 you would never know she had such a rough start in life. Definitely true. In the last year I really feel that she has blossomed and overcome. She just looks like a sweet petite little 6 year old! Ava is really filled with personality and is my most outgoing child. She can make friends with just about anyone in 30 seconds or less! A great talent to have. And she is learning well how to navigate the waters  as "the middle child" in our house. One minute she is hanging with the boys and the next she is the little mama in charge of girl play. Even though she sometimes feels lonely in that position, I truly appreciate her ability to switch roles as needed.

We celebrated today with all things "Frozen!" Cause she's a six year old girl---and every six year old girl is STILL obsessed with Frozen. I can't blame them. I'm still pretty obsessed too!

Birthday Cake!


Downtown for a fun night at the Splash Park!

A very tired 6 year old on the way home!

Happy Birthday Ava Bug! We love you and are so grateful to have you as part of our family!

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