Sunday, June 21, 2009

Commentary on Parenting

We are leaving to go to the temple Friday night, explaining to Rod and Jazz that the boys have been grounded from Wii, and will not be playing tonight under any circumstances. Andrew turns to Rod and says,

"I've learned that if you want something, and you whine for about an hour, you usually get it."

I would try to defend myself, but it would be pointless. We have been "outed" and there are witnesses.

But...... I would like to add that it's Sunday-- the boys have whined about the Wii 7 times since then---and they are still grounded!

(Ha...........take THAT Andrew!)


Carrie said...

Rods a tough one. If your boy knew better he'd bribe Jazz with a lil VDP. (Gets her everytime!!)

-Hi Im Jasmines friend Carrie by the way. Figured I would introduce myself since I frequent your blog! *Need to make sure Im keepin tabs w/you Georgians, Swooping in on my friend territory an all! :)

AMiller said...

I love when we realize how much kids actually know about how to work things. Too funny. I remember thinking ( I don't know if I ever said it) that my mom didn't actually mean "no" unless she was upset when she said it. Until then, everything was fair game.