Saturday, June 6, 2009

Middle Child

Do you suffer from middle child syndrome? If so could you please explain it to me and how to overcome it?

I'm afraid my sweet Ethan is suffering from it. He has always been such a happy kid--easygoing, obedient, and good most of the time. The last couple of weeks it seems as if the little devil on his left shoulder has completely eradicated the angel on his right.

It occurred to me tonight that this is really the first time he's been the middle child. Andrew started school the day before Ava was born, so for the past 10 months Ethan has had a majority of his day acting as "oldest." Now that Andrew is home he has started whining, crying, screaming, fit throwing, backtalking, and generally falling apart. Now if this were Andrew (love him, we do), we wouldn't bat an eye, but it is exasperating to see Ethan act this way.

Every once in a while, I pull him aside and ask him to bring Ethan back, and put away the little devil. He smiles, just enough, and I begin to think the angel will win out this time, The smile shifts to a smirk, and that little devil is running the show again.

So if you find my Ethan, could you please, please---bring him back! We miss him dearly!


AMiller said...

You just have to have another. that is the only cure.

AMiller said...

OK - if that doesn't work right now, I suggest you do some Ethan-only time. It seemed to help with Cate.

Jaime said...

know what you mean! they always act up when the baby starts getting mobile and doing really cute things and getting attention (mine do anyway) but yeah, I read something about devoting just 15 minutes/day doing only what that child chooses to do and have fun just mommy and that child (whether they choose puzzles, books, coloring, or whatever, it should be their choice and then laugh and have fun together for just 15 min., it made a difference in Natalia when I was doing it (she made me play Candyland for 15 min. everyday, I faked enjoying it b/c I was so sick of candyland!! but she was happy as a lark)

Erin said...

I second (third?) the one-on-one time comments. When I had #3, the top two were miserable when I didn't sit down with each of them separately each day and give them some time. It seemed to fill some little cup that needed it pretty badly when I had a baby to absorb my attention, and they were happier and more self-contained when I did.

Now, of course, it's that baby that needs the attention. Hm.

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

Dar suggested that we have another to get rid of the middle child syndrome but for me it doesn't make sense to solve one child problem by having another? hahahahahaha