Thursday, October 1, 2009

Laugh it off

I guess I've been too stressed to blog lately-- sad, cause that's when you get the best stories-- Like the construction barrel I hit today while on my way to the doctor--we'll save that story for another time, but in restrospect ( after the scathing death looks from Colonel Mustard) it was kinda funny.

The outrageous fees from an independent lab that my insurance won't cover-- not so funny. Neither was the phone call informing me of more abnormal test results for our littlest twit. Or... the pap smear (hate those) I had today... though my doctor's face was priceless when I discussed our form of birth control would be "choppin' 'em off."

Maybe that's my problem. I have failed to laugh enough. Not that everything should be lighthearted, but one can't deny the positive energy created from laughing at your troubles.

So today, the hospital called to run through some pre-procedure questions for Ava. "no, no, yes, no, not sure, don't know yet, yes, no...." And when she got to the last question she said, "Now in regard to her diet... never mind. I'm just going to put that she's allergic to everything." She probably wondered what kind of mother was laughing at her own child's aliments, but in my mind I saw the preview to that movie-- you know the one with the food falling from the sky-- something about meatballs-- and "run for your life!" Literally!

Yeah, I'm crazy, but I feel a litte better now that I laughed it off.

Maybe I'll go up the road and see if I can find the mirror to my car!


Caseyfam05 said...

LOL, that last picture was hilarious!!!!!

AMiller said...

Oh - the ability to laugh. It really does help. I met a crazy lady once who laughed at all sorts of crap that happened to her. I thought she was nuts, but then again, she seemed somewhat more content with her life than most people. I wonder who are really the crazy ones.
So, was this a male doctor that you discussed "choppin 'em off" with? That could have been really funny. He probably wrote that one down to share with collegues. (And yes, I know that isn't spelled right, but I can't think to spell right now.)

Jaime said...

aww hang in there girl. sometimes you have to laugh, (esp. about the mirror, heehe) b/c "cry and you get all wet, laugh, and everyone laughs with you" or something like that, right?!

Laura said...

HAA HA HA. That meatballs picture is perfect. You should frame it and hang it in you kitchen!

Wish you guys were close.