Friday, October 23, 2009


Size 2 diapers $9.99. Size 2 shoes $14.99. Growing-- even just a little bit....priceless.

No really, we can't afford her. My house cost less. My credit cards are experiencing sticker shock. I'm mortgaging my future faster than the government! Okay.... not that bad, but at least kids are worth it, right?!!

Yeah, okay, the diapers are a little big still.

And no, I'm not trying to save money by never changing them, but go Pampers-- they can handle a load!

I know, I know... these last two pictures have nothing to do with my post, but my brain gets off track sometimes--- a lot of times-- and it really is priceless that he walked around for several hours without know I put this on his back!


AMiller said...

Very Priceless - and cute bum!

spa said...

Take a look at to find the cure for your whiner. Apparently she's perfecting the ability to train it out of brothers and cats.