Monday, October 26, 2009

Help me, Santa

I don't know why, but Halloween is my trigger for Christmas shopping. Probably because Ethan's birthday is only 10 days after Halloween, so I'm already in shopping mode.

Now I love Christmas, all the holidays in fact-- October 15- Jan.1st is the best time of the year. But this year Santa is a little weary of holiday shopping. This Santa, you see, hates toys. I'm sick of them. They are all crap and I'm tired of cleaning them up day after day.

BUT, I'm no Humbug, and will not be one of those Santas who refuses to buy my children toys. I just have stipulations-- they have to be cool toys that at least keep my interest through un-packaging on Christmas day.

So fellow elves- give me your best shot. My kids are 6 and 4 year old boys, and a 1 year old girl. Tell, me your favorite Christmas gift as a kid, one you're buying for your kid or grandkid, something new that looks too good to live without, or just make something up!

If I happen to buy you suggested toy for my kids this year...hhhhhmmmmmm........I mean if Santa happens to get it for them-- I'll put you on my Christmas goody list this year.

Oh yeah, I'm taking suggestions for what should be on the goody list also!


Marsha said...

This is a hard one...I can think of lots of toys to avoid (moon sand, pixos, and cootie to name a few). Legos are always a big hit in our house with the kids and adults.

AMiller said...

Okay, pixos are a big hit in our house, but they live in the top of the cupboard and only get taken down on special occasions. I think if I had to do it over again, I would buy the generic things that you put on little pegs and then iron together. I don't know any kids who don't like those - and they are cheap so you can just sweep up and throw away the ones that get on the floor.
I have purchased a Mister Potato Head Family for my 2-year-old, but most kids like those.
Books. My kids all like books.
And video games are a staple. I hate them, but my boy loves them.
And paint is fun, but it too lives on the top shelf and only comes down on special occasions.
Oh, Blendy Pens, all the kids like the Blendy Pens.
Good luck, I am so tired of cleaning up toys. But I don't know how to get around it.

The Bryant's said...

For your daughter...I know this doll is on the pricey side, but no lie Georgia loves it. She would chose this doll over any other toy every time. You are welcome to come over and see if she likes Georgia's.
Her other new obsession is Little People.
I don't have insight into boys. We are buying a bunch of games this christmas. Some classics I enjoyed are Don't Wake Daddy, Sequence (they have a kid version now), Operation, Mouse Trap. These might be too young, but we are getting Uno Moo Farm, Wild Planet Animal Scramble, Brown Bear, and Five little monkeys.
Other thoughts camping gear.
With our niece and nephews we like to take them to sporting events, so you could do a voucher for a trip to a game with Dad. Andrew is probably the only one old enough to appreciate a "future" gift. Good luck!

Laura said...

This is what you get. Lots of boxes, a roll of newsprint, scissors, rolls and rolls of scotch tape. That's all Jake is getting this year scotch tape. Last year we got the pvc pipe and connectors to build forts with.

Buy nothing that makes electronic noises.

nothing for a one year old, I mean really, does she notice?

o! If you want some great games (like 10 minute card games) look at Gamewright Games. We probably have a dozen.

Books are good.

Do you sew? You can make a puppet theater with a shower curtain rod to hang in a doorway. They love it if it has lots of little windows and doors.

Those have been my favorite presents. We don't go nuts at Christmas. Maybe 2 presents (one from us one from their siblings) + a book and some candy.