Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Losing Friends

I find myself in a strange place today. For the first time, I am watching people come and go while I stand still. Admittedly, it is hard for me. I love change and can pick up and go with nary a second thought. But this time, I must sit back and watch someone else make that move, take that next step, enjoy that next phase in their lives.

As we got ready for bed last night, Byron and I talked about how weird it was, and the tinge of envy we felt that our boxes were not packed, and our truck not loaded, and our goodbyes not said. Many may laugh, but it is unsettling to us to be so rooted where we are. It is foreign.

I took comfort in knowing that this is just a small piece of the circle of life here. Through the years, people come and people go. Some are here for a short time, and others spend many years here watching the others coming and going-- in and out of the phases of life. How interesting to stop and ponder the wonder of it all.

I think we have these friends and family for a reason, and someday, in the next life, there will be no goodbyes-- Only seamless transitions from one place to another, where we can be together and associate with all those we have learned to love in this life.

So in honor of their departure I have written a poem for Rod and Jazz.

Ode to Rod and Jazz
You're moving,
You've left us,
You suck!

Okay, that wasn't very nice, but the conversation was getting too deep-- we had to lighten it up a little!

We really do wish you the best, and pray that, along with all the other friends we've made in our journey, we will meet again someday.

Now, a personal ad:

Young, childless, couple. ( with no responsibility so we may feel young and free for a few moments!) Must be quirky, funny, and able to play games for extended periods of time while sucking down Sonic, and obscene amounts of junk food. Any who cannot love our obnoxious kids unconditionally need not apply!


spa said...

I was just thinking yesterday that you two have really put down roots in Georgia. It's a good thing to have roots when children start attending school.

Jazz and Rod said...

Wow...ur poem writing abilites are incredible! NOT! :~)
I noticed you left out the part in your "Wanted" ad for someone who's husband has been known to frequently emit gaseous fumes while eating/playing games/or conversating.
Love and miss u guys! Feel free to move to AZ anytime...we will always take you back! :~)

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

AZ wouldn't be a bad idea!!! Hope to run into you all someday again