Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Unfortunately, Ava has inherited her mother's temper. (No smart comments, Colonel Mustard.) And what's a mother to do?

I'm trying desperately to ween her, as I really do not have a choice. Her diet has now been restricted to fruit and it's juice (the ones she is not allergic to), vegetables, plain rice cakes, and Elecare. NOTHING else. Since it is impossible for me to nurse on such a diet, and because there is no way to determine what proteins my body makes for her, she must stop nursing.

At first, she took it rather well. I dropped her down to one nursing a day and she seemed to really like the Elecare. I was relieved, and decided this may be easier than previously thought. In the last 5 days, she has started whining more and more for food she can't have, and eating less and less of the Elecare in the bottle before she stops drinking, and just carries the bottle around with her for an hour. This morning she vehemently refused the Elecare and cried and cried. I tried to pacify her with some fruit and apple juice, hoping she would get over it and take the bottle. (Here's where the temper part comes in).

I tried for about an hour and a half to make her happy when she finally couldn't take anymore. She freaked out when I picked her up to comfort her and wouldn't nurse her. After several minutes of ear piercing screaming, I put her down and she proceeded to bang her head on the floor---At which point I picked her up, nursed her, and cried. (Of course, she was perfectly fine after that and has played most contently the rest of the morning.)

See for yourself.

What would you do? How on earth am I suppose to make this work when this is her reaction? Heaven help us both!


Caseyfam05 said...

My heart aches for you both. I am so sorry. I pray this will go a little easier.

Jaime said...

I am so sorry. I think this is extremely difficult, b/c it's so hard when you can't explain or reason with them at such a young age. I'll pray as well, hang in there:)

AMiller said...

Umm, wow. I don't know what in the world to do. That is some serious head banging. Good luck (why does that sound hollow?) I will pray for you - maybe if enough of us do, it will help.

Wendy said...

Oh, Kristin. I can't even imagine. Abby has a TERRIBLE temper and is SO STUBBORN.....which is one reason she is still nursing....I can't imagine the power struggle at bedtime when I try to wean her...good luck--hang in there!!!

Donna said...

I wouldn't know what to do either! I've never had a child with a temper. She is such a doll though (with a temper. lol)

The Bryant's said...

You are a great mom. Hang in there. Maybe you could put her in her crib next time so she couldn't hurt herself so much.