Saturday, December 19, 2009


I want to say that this blog also serves as my journal- which means that you have to put up with some of my posts that may be of little interest to you, but are important milestones in my childrens' lives.

This is one for Andrew.

At Andrew's first parent teacher conference this year, his teacher suggested that he be tested for the gifted program at his school. We agreed do go ahead with the testing. His teacher warned us that he must test at the 99%tile to be accepted. That seemed like a pretty steep standard to meet and I had decided that I didn't really expect him to make it in.

In typical, public school system operating fashion- the forms and testing werent' completed until last month, and we finally received the letter this week. I was excited to read that he had tested high enough for both sections of the program (as they put it- he "qualifies for special services") and would begin (pending our signatures) after Christmas break. I have no idea what he will be doing, but I'm assuming they will clue me in-- I hope.

I must admit that I'm proud of him, and grateful that he will be less bored at school. Now the goal is to prevent him from becoming a nerd! He asked Santa for a globe and a book about Oceans for Christmas, so we definitely have our work cut out for us!


AMiller said...

Let me know how it goes. I am debating testing my son for an advanced program, but am worried about the nerdiness (plus he likes regular school.) Am I holding him back because of my own weird social stigmas?
And - wow - 99%. Congratulations on having a very bright kid.

Brenda said...

Congrats to Andrew. Let me know how the gifted program works out; I was surprised by some of the things they do.

I have been away from a computer with internet access for 10 days, and it is fun to get back to your blog and see what your family has been up to. Sounds like you have had a VERY busy time!

Wendy said...