Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ungrateful (A Poem)

Oh turtle,
So ungrateful,
for the selfless act I performed,
on your behalf.

You crawled,
ever so slowly,
across the busy roadway,
in my path.

I felt, 
A need to help,
Despite the scoffs of onlookers,
and dangers.

You snapped,
at me so angrily,
and scratched my helping hand,
with your claw.

Oh turtle,
So ungrateful, 
I saved you from certain death,
And set you free.

By Kristin (aka- turtle savior!)

(And I might add that he was a pretty big turtle and he smelled like sewage, and I had to wash my hands 27 times--and people really thught I was psycho--but all that just didn't fit into my poem, and it's a work of art don't you know, so I created this run-on sentence at the end to tell the rest of the story. Take that stupid turtle!)

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AMiller said...

Wow - and this from a girl who dropped English Poetry in her senior year to lift weights with me! Take that High School! Ha haha.