Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wrapped Up

***Warning Grandparent brag post***

As of 2:40pm today, another year of school is all wrapped up. Excited, emotional, anxious, and all the rest that another year has passed.

Ethan finished preschool last Tuesday. He loved it! There was not a single day in the last year that his folder came home with anything but green on it (green- good, yellow- a few issues, red- bad!) Ethan has really taken to drawing and coloring this year. (something Andrew still doesn't like to do). It is fun to see how Ethan is developing different strengths. I love to see his crazy pictures and notes he draws! We have enrolled him in Pre-K at Gum Springs (Andrew's school), and while I have mixed feelings about starting there so young, I am looking forward to one school and one schedule. (We didn't exactly have much choice, but as my wise sister-in-law said--"you do your best with what you have, and let the rest go"--I'm trying) He is most excited that he will get to eat lunch at Andrew's school!
 Ethan checking out his Preschool Scrapbook His teachers made.

Andrew just finished up First Grade, and really came into his own this year. I had Andrew pegged as a English Major/ Lawyer Type (probably because he started out as such a great reader), but that has definitely changed this year. While he is still proficient at English, and reading way beyond his years, his math skills have excelled leaps and bounds. I was informed a couple of weeks ago that they nicknamed him Math Machine in class.They have a math fact program at school that is suppose to be a series of timed fact tests for all of elementary school, from addition and subtraction to fractions, percentages, and conversions, etc. (Andrew says there are 62 levels)--today he passed the test on the last level. (Wonder what he'll do for the next 4 years??!!)  I guess he takes after Byron! (again!) The achievement he is most proud of this year is receiving the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.( It came with a T-shirt--what's not to like?!--and he can run really fast don't you know??)  I must admit I am very grateful for a child who is so intelligent, ambitious, and motivated. Let's hope we can keep him on that track all the way through Med school (just kiddin'--he still wants to be an astronaut--we just want to retire in style!!)
Andrew with his teacher Ms. Colvin

Okay enough bragging, but I needed a journal entry, and the grandparents come here for this stuff-- not the useless ramblings in my brain!

So.. off for another summer!

And a parting thought. As I walked the dogs this morning I walked past a house in the neighborhood with signs and balloons and writing on the car windows. Their son was graduating from High School this week. And it struck me-- in 11 very short years this will be us. How quickly those 18 years of anticipation come and go. I'd better enjoy the short time I have in the throes of it all.

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