Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4 Year Old Wisdom

Ethan, upon finding his Dad's razor in the drawer, takes it out and begins playing with it. Older brother, being soooo wise and helpful, recognizes the danger and proceeds to rip the razor out of his brother's hand. Ethan is screaming, a chunk of his skin is lying on the counter, and there is blood, lots of blood, everywhere.

This morning while changing the bandage on his finger Ethan informs me, "I had a talk with myself last night and decided it is not a good idea to play with Mom and Dad's stuff. They have things in there that can hurt you and just break off your skin. It's not a good idea."

We'll see how long he remembers his own advice!


The Bertagnoles said...

lol! Thats so cute!!! I love it when they learn their own lessons! Why does it always involve pain though?!?!? Poor kids!

AMiller said...

Oh, if only lessons were remembered.

It is cute that he had a talk with himself.