Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chain of Events

Ava doesn't get a nap today.
Ava drinks too much juice after dinner.
Ava falls asleep early.
Mom takes the step stool out of the bathroom to turn on a light.
Mom forgets to put the step stool back.
Ava wakes up crying 1 hour later.
Mom is making cupcakes.
Mom ignores Ava hoping she'll fall back asleep.
Ava gets up and heads for the bathroom.
Mom hears her and decides she will go get her as soon as the last of the cupcake batter is in the pan.
There is no stool in the bathroom for Ava.
Ava cannot reach the potty.
Ava goes back to her room, but Mom took her little potty out of her room.
Ava heads for the kitchen.
Mom heads for Ava.
Ava doesn't make it.
Mom spends her Saturday night scrubbing the floor...

and gets a priceless picture of pee-pee footprints in the carpet.

Maybe Mom will pay better attention next time!


AMiller said...

That is a great picture!

The Bertagnoles said...

wow! that is an awesome picture!!! so perfect! LOVE being a mommy!