Friday, June 4, 2010

How Many Baid-Aids?

How Many band-aids does it take to to fix an "owie?"

Well that depends.

If you're a boy-- it takes one. One to fix the initial pain and hurt feelings. It may actually take more to heal the wound, but Mom will have to strap you down to secure another bandage, and then replace it every four hours when you rip it off because it is impeding your ability to play.

If you're a girl??---At least an entire box. One to fix the initial pain and hurt feelings. One to admire, next to the "owie." A new one every time the band-aid gets wet, dirty, or otherwise imperfect in any way. One every time you see the mark where the "owie" has healed, even if the mark is barely visible it must be bandaged again. One every time you are reminded you once had an "owie" there. One whenever some else gets a new "owie" and you still remember your old one. And one when you are reminded there are still bandaids in the house and you do not not currently have one on your person---to cover your pretend "owie." UNTIL....all the band-aids are gone.....And scream for a new box of band-aids!


Bobbi said...

haha! I don't have any boys. . but Ava would fit right in at this house. If my girls have any of the things you said they are known to use a whole box in a matter of minutes and then cry when there gone!

AMiller said...

I let my girls get them as their "treat" when we go to the store. Ha ha.

Rebecca and Jason said...

that is so funny.