Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Australia for dinner tonight! We really wanted to have some fresh Kangaroo meat, but we weren't sure we could sneak it out of the zoo without getting caught. Then I wanted to try Vegemite( didn't know where to find it)--I'm really curious, even though I'm quite certain I won't like it. So when I fell upon a recipe for "Jolly Jumbuck in a Tucker Bag" I was really excited. Then I called Colonel Mustard and he said it sounded like a bunch of bad words and they just forgot the F.

So.........we resorted to some simpler Aussie food. Meat pies, sweet potato sticks, shrimp on the barbie (had to have something on the barbie or we wouldn't be proper Americans!) and Anzac biscuits.

 As usual, Andrew out ate everyone...and Ethan snickered at his veggies (they weren't Australian enough for him.)

Our Anzac biscuits were a little strugglin'--guess I need some work on metric conversions--but they tasted great- like biscoff cookies!

So there's what we had for our Australian dinner, and as the boys would say, "Nick Off!"

Next week's pick? India.

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The Bertagnoles said...

dont waste your money on the vegiemate!!! I had a companion from Australia who put it on EVERYTHING... even pancakes! If I run into some Ill send it your way! ;)