Monday, June 28, 2010


I meant to post this last week, but I'm slow as usual.

Andrew is a fact obsessed child. He'd rather read an atlas than a novel. Consequently, he feels the need to get out of bed to share useless facts with us instead of going to sleep every night. Anyway...for Christmas he got this cool interactive globe (Santa is awesome). A few weeks before school got out he was playing on his globe and started asking about what kind of foods they ate in different countries. We talked and decided that we would try new food from a different country every week. His first pick was Japan.

So here is Japan.

Yakatori Chicken and Vegetables (Yummy!)

Sushi (not so yummy)

Trying out the chopsticks

After eating his first Sushi roll, Andrew decided he much preferred it without the roasted seaweed. (Can't blame him- the stuff is nasty. I was stifling my gag reflex so as not to discourage my kids adventurous appetites.)

And here's Ava with some vegetables-- at least she got to try something (and no, that is not all we fed her!)

We're already behind this week, but Australia is next on the menu!


Laura said...

Funny, I ALWAYS do food when we are studying a different country. Yum. I love sushi but if you don't like the nori try these:
I haven't tried them yet but they just look so pretty.

AMiller said...

What a fun idea! Too bad for my kids that I am too lazy to actually do this.

Jaime said...

is there no end to your talents? you are a great cook and mom to encourage his curiosity and learning:) looks yummy!