Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Dogs in the Freezer

When Byron and I first got married, a good friend I worked with got married 1 week later. His beautiful wife, was quite the opposite from me when it came to kitchen domestic issues. One day at lunch time I was eating leftovers from dinner. My friend commented how he wished he had leftovers to eat. I asked what he had for dinner and he related the following to me.

Well last night, I came home from work and  my wife was sitting on the couch with a bag of chips watching TV. I said "Hi Honey, what's for dinner?" She said, "Hot dogs are in the freezer." So, I had hot dogs for dinner.

In her defense, let me say no woman is required to fix dinner for her husband every night. However, Colonel Mustard and I still get a good laugh out of that story.

But yesterday was Father's Day, and that story has absolutely nothing to do with Father's Day. So in honor of my wonderful husband for Father's Day I'd just like to say, thank you, Honey. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and a great Father. Thank you for playing hide and seek with our kids over and over and over and over. ( It happens a lot). Thank you for always working so hard to make sure we never want for anything in life. Thank you for being so kind-hearted that you melt 10 minutes after the kids get in Big trouble. Thank you for always being there and putting the wants of your family before your own wants and needs. It never goes unnoticed and I'm grateful for you every day.

And since I showed you yesterday how grateful I was by making you grilled shrimp kebabs and filet mignon for dinner, I'd just like to say that tonight, Babe.............

Hot dogs are in the freezer!


AMiller said...

Love the story! "hot dogs are in the freezer." I am going to have to use that one sometime.

Jazz and Rod said...

Wow I'm sure glad this story isn't about ME!!! Or is it?!?! :~)