Thursday, July 1, 2010

New View

You know how you start a big project and you're so excited about the possible end result? You know how a few months later, you're so exhausted from doing the project that the excitement has waned to merely a "whoop-dee-do?"

I promised to post pictures of our landscape overhaul, but frankly, it was an overwhelming and exhausting task. And now that it's over-it's exhausting and overwhelming to maintain. I AM very excited that it's done and I LOVE it, but forgive me, I don't have the energy for the slide show of pictures I promised. (though I should go take the pictures or someday I'll be sorry).

So here we are 11,000 sq. ft. of sod, 5 yards of mulch. 200 bales of pine straw. 10 gallons of paint. probably 100 or more plants, hundreds of dollars in water, and countless hours of sweat equity--here is my before and after view of my backyard. Someday I'll take a picture of the huge side yards and the patio that were overhauled also, but I'm too lazy to walk outside with the camera-- and besides it's dark-- and then I'd have to move the hose for the picture--and I don't want you to get too excited all in one day.




The Bertagnoles said...

WOW!!!! It looks amazing! I hope the kids enjoy and appreciate it!

Bobbi said...

That is incredible. You guys did a great job, it looks beautiful.

AMiller said...

That looks heavenly! I only have about 1000 sq ft. to my yard (front and back). Can I come visit?

Jazz and Rod said...

well with a fabulous yard like this you'll NEVER move to AZ! It looks great tho - I'm sure Rod is really sad he missed this project! :~)

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

Great job.. and you didn't have to fight the heat like you did here. I remeber your palm tree you kept alive!