Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Do

Ava got a new haircut last night, courtesy of her little friend, and this morning I woke up determined that I just had to get on with it and cut the rest off. I wished I had been in the frame of mind to get the camera when I saw what happened-- it was quite cute-- one little hairdresser and one all too willing subject! Maybe they'll stay good friends and someday they can joke about the time one cut the other's hair. (Let's hope it only happens once-- I won't hold my breath!)
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture, but sat down on the floor and cried as I picked up locks of hair. I cried for a really long time, and had trouble sleeping last night. Ridiculous I know, but I feel quite robbed of normalcy with Ava, and tend to be rather sensitive in matters with her. (It didn't help that she fell down the stairs a couple hours later). BUT... this morning as soon as she got up I got to the task. I can't say I like it, but I had to take a picture-- isn't hair cutting a rite of passage for little girls anyway?

She wouldn't hold still, so you can't see very well, but here it is. I had to take off an inch or two (a lot for her already short, thin hair)--we'll have to do it again later to even it up. (I'm not very good at cutting girl hair--can you tell)

In other Ava news--she had another scope done a few weeks ago, which I was certain was our next step to more food and more variety. I was wrong again. The scope was not clean and they put her back on reflux meds and pulled tapioca starch and oatmeal from her diet. She will be scoped again in 2-3 months and if it is not clean, they will have to start pulling the protein (beef, pork, turkey). Hoping that doesn't happen, as then we will be back to square one with her. With such a limited diet, we are already starting to have some food aversion and texture issues...not to mention she is very possessive of the food she can have, and I worry she is developing some very unhealthy issues.  So much fun!

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AMiller said...

The hair looks really cute, btw.
Good luck with all the eating issues, I can just feel how all of that has to take its toll on you. Here is hoping the next scope is clean.