Sunday, July 25, 2010


This week our taste buds traveled south of the border. I mean really, really south- past Redneckville, past Mexico (we need to make a stop there for some tamales--yum!), all the way to South America---Brazilian food!

We had Feijoada ( A black bean stew with a bunch of different meats). We left out the beef tongue and a few other less than palatable cuts of meat. The boys took one look and declared it "gross!" Though they both decided after one bite that indeed, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Or, a pile of goop in this case. It was in fact, very delicious!

To go with it- Arroz Brasilerio (Brazilian Rice) and Couve Refogada (sauteed kale). The rice was also very yummy, but we all agreed that the kale was on the bitter side, and we much preferred a vegetable with a little less bite.

Most exciting was Ava could eat the entire dinner! She was thrilled at the rice and gobbled it right up.

Unfortunately, not so thrilled when we asked her to eat the rest of her dinner. She covered her eyes, turned her head away, and wailed that she needed a cookie. Daddy was going to give in, but my death stare prevailed and she had to endure a couple of bites.

For dessert, we had Brigadeiro- Tasty little chocolate bites, which the boys loved. (I think kids love anything with sprinkles on it though)

Next week--- Viva La France!

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