Saturday, July 31, 2010


School starts next week, so today was our last World Cuisine day. We have really enjoyed it though and may have to keep it up on a less frequent basis.
Tonight, we enjoyed French food, which was a lot of fun to do. We even had some friends over to share it with us. And a visiting hmm..hmm... French chef, who didn't want us to take his picture because he was hmm.hmm...shy. (oops I got his arm in that there picture!) Anyway, onto the food.

So much to choose from, and while I wanted to make Beef Bourguignon, we decided to go with the less authentic Chicken Cordon Bleu. To go with it....Ratatouille, Cheese Souffle, Potatoes Au Gratin, and fresh Baguettes. (Served on a chipped plate--we're so classy!)

For Dessert.......Bananas Flambe with crepes a la mode!

Yes, we had to cook on the grill--my stove is electric and I needed an open flame people! And I'm so proud I didn't light myself on fire. (You would be too if you knew my track record with fire.....and knives....I can't be trusted with either.)
While French cuisine is not my personal favorite to eat, I must admit I get giddy cooking it. It brings back a certain desire to attend the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in France. Think they'll let me in if I send them my flambe picture?

Oh, and in case you're in need of a Christmas gift idea for me, I need a kitchen torch so I can make Creme Brulee. And while you're at it, you should probably buy Colonel Mustard a fire extinguisher!


AMiller said...

We have a kitchen torch. It takes to long. Just buy a cheap butane thingy from Home Depot. Same thing - it just doesn't look fancy and works waaaay quicker.

Jaime said...

very cool pics! i must say the french cuisine was delectable! good luck with school starting soon, we're on day 3 tomorrow, so far so good.